The First 3 Steps for Creating your Own E-Commerce Website

Step 1: Envision your Website: Creating an e-commerce Website can be a daunting task for many people. Most people have a vision of a completed website, but they don’t know where to begin. And that’s perfectly okay! Because the first step is to really just envision your website. I’m sure you have already done this in some fashion, so go ahead and check #1 off your list! Besides just having a vision in your head, you can go a step further by creating a list of favorite websites. These can even be competitors of yours. Something about their website stood out to you, whether it was their professional look, images and pictures, or connection to social media platforms. Another way to help envision your website is to create a folder fill it with several sheets of blank paper. Use a pencil or pen and start drawing windows on it, and start drawing pictures and text on those windows. A website is basically just an online store. A real store has actual windows that displays wares to customers, and a website is not all that different.

Step 2: Open a Bank Account: The backbone of an E-commerce website is the commerce

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